Not done yet.

I freely admit to slacking off on updating. One thing I’ve noticed in a big way over the course of this challenge is that my word counts have been pretty darn good stress meters and these last few weeks have been doozies. The higher the stress, the lower the word count. This means I need to SERIOUSLY work out two things: 1) how to reduce the stress levels in my life right now :p, and 2) **how to write through stressful times** (because life is full of them, obviously). I am never more miserable than when I’m not writing, because not writing goes hand in hand with not reading, and not reading leads to depression and all kinds of nastiness for me.

2016 was not a great year.

2017 is going to be better, by hook or by crook.

Ok, now for some numbers. Poor December eked out a meagre 2,922 words, coming in last place for 2016. Blech. On a happier note, last January I sailed through 60,619 words, and so far this January is sitting at 1,609 and getting ready to climb. Highest word count in one day for January so far was the 4th with 193, and you know I can do better than that. This post is already more words than that (sorry for being wordy today :P). So, short term goal:

Do better.


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