My brain is mush. I’m going to do my best to form coherent sentences anyway. Day 366. My year got an extra day.  Actually, that makes today day 367 doesn’t it. Phoey. I’m not fixing it. 😛

255,908 words. Going by Nanowrimo’s benchmark of 50,000 words = 1 novel, that’s 5.12 novels. For me, it turned out more like one epic monstrosity that is somewhere around its midpoint (148,664 words so far, though I already know chunks of it are going on the chopping block), three novel attempts (16,500 words; 17,943; and 10,738), a completed novella that came out pretty darn good if I say so myself (11,614 words), and a slew of short stories, flash fiction, revisions, and bits that apparently added up to a novel length (50,449). (If I messed up on any of my math, it’s because I’m exhausted and brain dead.)

While this is nothing to sneeze at, 255,908 wasn’t the number I was aiming for on this date last year. So. Obviously this means I need to keep writing.

How many days does it take to reach 1,000,100 words? I don’t know. I’m going to find out.

Just keep writing. Just keep writing. What do we do? We write, write…..

(Besides, I want to know just how long this epic monstrosity is going to end up. There are crazy people out there who enjoy door stoppers; after all, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was originally supposed to be one book and it adds up to 455,125 words. Your trivia for the day.)

(Oh, and if anyone was wondering, my eevee turned into a vaporeon. 🙂 )


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