Day 273: 218,198

Well, three fourths of the year, almost one fourth of the goal. With 9,435 words August has flown past May’s total, topped July, is challenging June, and still has a few days left to maybe pass April. I will totally take all the momentum I can get.

Lowest writing day of the week: 96 (Tuesday). Highest writing day of the week: 1,076 (Saturday).


Day 266: 215,253

Managed to get some momentum this week. Hoping to keep it going. Keeping it simple and getting back to writing. August is up to 6,491 words.

Lowest writing day this week: 249 (Thursday). Highest writing day this week: 765 (Sunday).


Day 259: 212,050

Woah, time got away from me like crazy. Struggling a bit with confidence as life is throwing me some loops. Playing catch up with typing. Just keep writing, just keep writing….

July finished with 8,511 words. August has 3,287 under its belt. Anyone know of a nice little hermitage where I can hide away for a while to write?