Day 231: 205,757

Has it really been another week already? Today’s numbers definitely qualify as pretty. July’s total so far is 5,555. The only way it could be more perfect would be if there was another 5. I mentioned in the first post that my “lifetime Nanowrimo word count” was what seeded this challenge, and now I’m getting close to half of that number.

In 33 weeks, I’ve written nearly¬†five years’ worth of my previous National Novel Writing Months. 0.0

Highest writing day this week: 480 (Tuesday). Lowest writing day this week: 52 (Friday).


Day 224: 204,385

Life is so insane. Managed to pull a few better days, bringing July’s current total to 4,184. Progress is progressing.

Highest writing day this week: 836 (Friday). Lowest day this week: 67 (Saturday).


Day 217: 201,963

Whoops. Posting late. Better late than never? Finally broke 200,000 words! It felt like I was hanging out in the 190,000 range forever. Finished June with 10,528, so about doubling May. July (and July Camp Nanowrimo) is off to a start with just under 2,000. Planning to crack that before crashing tonight.

Highest writing day this week: 1,427 (Tuesday). Lowest writing day this week: 43 (Wednesday).