Day 210: 196,356

Week 30 and past the 200 day mark. Wow. Had some better days, and some not so good days, but June has officially passed May’s total by over fifteen hundred words, weighing in at 6,683 and still with a few days left. Bringing things back upward.

Since I missed last week, the highest writing day of the last two weeks was the 14th with 1,105 words. The lowest was the 18th with 38.



Day 196: 192,725

Just keep writing. Just keep writing. Just keep writing, writing, writing. What do we do? We write, write.

June’s total so far is 3,052, which is already more than half of May’s 5,157. Highest writing day this week: 779 (last Monday). Lowest writing day this week: 44 (Friday).


Day 191: 191,918

Ok, so it’s not my usual day for updating, but that number. I just had to share it. 191,918 words on day 191. I almost added one more word to my project just to make it 191,919, but decided that would be cheating.


Day 189: 190,466

With the start of June, it’s about halfway through my year for this little challenge. If I was on target, I’d have written 517,860 words by today. I’m a bit behind. Time to shake off the equivalent of Nanowrimo’s dreaded “Week Two.”

Highest writing day this week: 247 (Friday). Lowest writing day this week: 81 (Thursday).


Day 183: 189,553

I hope everyone had a chance to spend time with their families for memorial day.

Getting close to 200,000 words, but it looks like May is going to finish with just over 5,000 words for the month. Well, at least it can’t get any lower than that.

Average words per day for May: 162. Lowest writing day this week: 126 (Tuesday). Highest writing day this week: 598 (Wednesday).