Day 119: 169,873

Yikes. I think it’s safe to say I lost some momentum. Average per day: 1,439. Looking forward to April Camp Nanowrimo and bringing numbers up again. Anyone else out there participating in April Camp this year?

Lowest writing day this week: 5 (Friday). Highest writing day this week: 478 (Tuesday). I definitely deleted more words than added this week. ūüė¶


Day 112: 168,626

Never give up! Never surrender! Rough week, but there are words on the page. Highest writing day: 1,301 (the 14th). Lowest writing day: 87 (the 17th).


Day 105: 165,528

Happy pi day! I’ll have mine apple a la mode. ūüėČ

Running average word count per day: 1,592. Highest writing  day this week: 2,508 on the 8th. Second highest was 2,500 on the 11th, and the 13th was unlucky with only 215, but hey, there were words.


Day 98: 154,926

Holy cow, I’m two days shy of 100 and just under 2,000 words shy of writing¬†100,000 words¬†in 2016. I’m also looking at 111,540 words on one project alone, which I started writing in December. Yikes!¬†This novel is going to be a monster.

February finished with 30,766, which was about half of January. Sad day. But March is off to a decent start. Current average words per day: 1,581.

Highest word count this week: 2,507 (Wednesday). Lowest this week: 325 (Saturday).


Day 91: 146,573

Bonus writing day! Current running word count average: 1,629. Average for February: 1,063. February kinda hurt. It only had one higher writing day (3,278 on the second), and it was a small one as far as higher word counts go. The lowest day was 52 on the eighteenth.

For this last week, the highest writing day was 1,210 on the 25th. The lowest was 225 on the 23rd.