Day 84: 141,535

Fellow writers, of fiction and nonfiction, my brothers and sisters. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of writers fail, when we forsake our characters and burn our manuscripts. But it is not this day.

An hour of distractions and shattered pencils, when the age of authors comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we write! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you prevail, Warriors of the Words!

(Yes, I am a card carrying geek.)

So I came way too darn close to a zero word day. I had to scramble for my 52 on Thursday, but there were words!

Running total: 141,535. Running average: 1,705. Highest word count day: 1,828 (Sunday).




Day 77: 133,535

Happy Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day, whichever may apply. Week eleven was very mixed writing days, but resulted in the nicely pretty number of 133,535. The average words per day dropped to 1,757, and February’s average is 1,195, but if reaching 1,000,100 words were easy, it wouldn’t be called a challenge.

Highest writing day this week: 1,744 (Thursday). Lowest writing day this week: 265 (Friday).


Day 70: 126,390

Week ten! Trying really hard not to let life slow me down. Avoiding the internet and especially Facebook helps that, but this week I definitely failed at it. Total average word count: 1,831. Higher than Nanowrimo, but almost a thousand shy of 2,740.

Highest word count this week: 3,278 (Tuesday.) Lowest word count this week: 667 (Wednesday). Average for February so far: 1,369.


Day 63: 116,803

I missed a week reporting, but I’m still going unbroken. I passed 100,000 words in January. Woot! Total words written in January: 60,619. Not half bad at all. That’s an average per day of 1,955. Average per day for the challenge so far: 1,884.

Highest writing day for January: 5,505 (January 8th). Lowest writing day for January: 744, sadly this last week on January 27th. Note: when writing in the evenings, it is best not to fall asleep.

For these last two weeks (since I missed last week), highest writing day: 2,699 (January 23rd). Lowest, of course the 744.

On the plus side, I’m making awesome progress on my current main project.