Day 49: 96,549

Week seven. I’m looking at breeching 100,000 words this week! Current total 96,549. 2,011 average per day. Getting close to the 2,740 goal!

Lowest writing day this week: 819 (Monday). Highest writing day this week: 3,368 (Saturday).


Day 42: 81,487

Week six was definitely a good one. This makes up a bit for the holidays. Running total: 81,487, which is a nice little chunk of words.

I realized that I’ve been counting Mondays in when calculating the averages per day, which means I’ve had a big fat zero sitting on the end of my numbers because I don’t tend to write until evening. I’m going to try to remember to drop Mondays off. So, current total average per day: 1,988. Average per day for January: 2,530, which actually meets the goal of 2,740. If January keeps this up, it might make up for December.

Lowest writing day this week: 766 (Thursday). Highest writing day this week: 5,505 (Friday).

My minimums have been steadily going up, which is pretty darn awesome to see.


Day 35: 64,333

One month down! December finished with a very nice 56,184 words, averaging 1,812 words per day. Current total: 64,333 with a total average of 1,838 words per day.

The lowest writing day of December was the 6th with its sad little 19 words. The highest writing day was the same week, the 4th with 7,448 words.

This last week, the lowest writing day was technically last Monday, with 567 words. The highest writing day was Friday the first, with 4,526 words. The average per day for these first few days of January is 2,037, which is nice. Pulling closer to 2,740.