No, I’m not going to subject people to an every day blow by blow account of my oh-so-exciting word count. I figure about once a week check-ins should be plenty.

So, one week down.

14,801 words total so far with an average of 2,114 per day. It’s a little shy of my 2,740 goal, but I’m not stressing over it. Lowest writing day this week: 19 words (Sunday). Highest writing day this week: 7,448 (Friday). That might give an idea of why I’m not stressing. I’m doing my best to take a long view. I know there will be really lousy days with too much life going on, and then there will be good days.

In the past I’ve tried keeping track of my writing in notebooks, but I’ve found it’s too easy to forget one day, and then another day, and then a week has gone by without recording any of my progress. I did some searching around and eventually found WordKeeperAlpha ( I like that you can break things down by project as well as log your words. It also allows you to set goals, both overall, monthly, and by project as well. Best of all, you can log things retroactively. It lets you select the date for your words, which meant I was able to scribble my word counts on a sticky note and log it two days later when I had the chance to sit down at the computer.

Challenge begun.


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