Day 28: 50,678

I survived week four! So the holidays happened. Still, I hit 50,000 words today, and there’s that very pretty 678 on the end as a bonus.

Total words: 50,678. Lowest writing day of the week: 350 (Wednesday; shockingly not Christmas). Highest writing day: 2,606 on Christmas Eve! (Also another pretty number). Average per day, sadly 1,809, which is my lowest week so far, but it was also, well, Christmas.

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I’m alive.


Day 21: 40,436

Week three down, and I officially wrote more than this last Nanowrimo, which is sad but satisfying. (Sad because I didn’t make the Nanowrimo goal this year, satisfying because I’m well on my way this month.)

Total words for this challenge so far: 40,436, including one project that as of last night is sitting at 20,101 (definitely a pretty number). Lowest writing day this week: 227 words on Thursday (blame Star Wars ;D ). Highest writing day this week: 3,338, surprisingly on Wednesday. Current average: 1,925, which is still a little low, but even so, higher than Nanowrmo’s goal average of 1,667. Overall, a pretty steady week.

Merry Christmas!


Day 14: 27,920

Two weeks down. Keeping things brief today because I have an early morning tomorrow and more to write today.

27,920 total with an average of 1,994. The average fell a little, but that’s also without logging anything today yet. Lowest writing day this week: 47 words (Thursday). Highest writing day this week: 4,915 (Friday).

I found it interesting to note that both weeks so far, Friday and Saturday are standing out as strong writing days.


Day 7: 14,801

No, I’m not going to subject people to an every day blow by blow account of my oh-so-exciting word count. I figure about once a week check-ins should be plenty.

So, one week down.

14,801 words total so far with an average of 2,114 per day. It’s a little shy of my 2,740 goal, but I’m not stressing over it. Lowest writing day this week: 19 words (Sunday). Highest writing day this week: 7,448 (Friday). That might give an idea of why I’m not stressing. I’m doing my best to take a long view. I know there will be really lousy days with too much life going on, and then there will be good days.

In the past I’ve tried keeping track of my writing in notebooks, but I’ve found it’s too easy to forget one day, and then another day, and then a week has gone by without recording any of my progress. I did some searching around and eventually found WordKeeperAlpha (https://wordkeeperalpha.com). I like that you can break things down by project as well as log your words. It also allows you to set goals, both overall, monthly, and by project as well. Best of all, you can log things retroactively. It lets you select the date for your words, which meant I was able to scribble my word counts on a sticky note and log it two days later when I had the chance to sit down at the computer.

Challenge begun.


Pretty Numbers

Ok, so anything associated with the word “social” tends to make me run for the hills and I don’t know what to do with half of the buttons here (I’ll be lucky if this comes out right at all), but with NaNoWriMo freshly over, I decided to try something new to keep my momentum going and this is part of it. In short, publically accessible accountability.

I’m a several years’ NaNoWriMo veteran, and this year they added something to their stats page: total lifetime Nano word count. According to that little statistic, my lifetime Nano word count is currently sitting at 515,171. That’s a very pretty number. That’s only what I’ve officially written during NaNoWriMo, nothing more.

In discussing it with my best friend last night, she challenged me to focus less on trying to publish this year (actually what she said was more like don’t think about publishing at all), and simply write words. Any words.

I batted around some numbers and this is what I came up with:

2740 words a day.

That’s more than the NaNoWriMo average of 1,667, but both numbers are totally do-able. 2740 words for 365 days produces an even prettier number:


Day one: 402 words and counting.